Early Spring 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the 2022 Butterfly Monitoring Season! Whether you’re brand new to butterfly monitoring or have monitored your route for some time, welcome!

Depending on your geographical location and the weather, you have either already started monitoring, or will be starting soon. Some of us never stopped, with the exceptionally warm winter. Enjoy these early days of Spring, and remember, even if you see no butterflies during your first (or any) survey, do enter that into Pollardbase. Absence of butterflies is also data!


Rebeca Leininger is handling establishing routes in Pollardbase. Those of you who are new to the program will interact with her through butterflymonitorstx@gmail.com. Irmi Willcockson will handle the volunteer side of the project. Both of us monitor the gmail account, and will route your question/concern to the most appropriate person.

2021 Monitoring Season

During 2021, more than 800 surveys were entered by 66 butterfly monitors (not including scribes) along 65 routes!

That’s it for this newsletter. Check back around September for the Summer issue with an update on the 2022 monitoring effort, and perhaps a photo or two!

Irmi Willcockson