About the Texas Butterfly Monitoring Network

Fiery Skipper

The Texas Butterfly Monitoring Network is a Citizen Science Project started in 2018 in cooperation with the greater North American Butterfly Monitoring Network. Participants walk the same route at least nine times over the course of the year and will record every butterfly seen, giving us a comprehensive picture of what butterflies are occurring in different parts of the Lone Star State. Texas has more butterflies than any other state, so long-term monitoring is crucial to understanding butterfly movement and assessing the health of butterfly habitats.

The Texas Butterfly Monitoring Network is designed for both seasoned observers of butterflies, and newly interested people just starting butterfly observations! If you are interested, please sign up by clicking the button on the home page. Under the Resources tab, members can find basic information on the program as well as field guides and books to learn their butterflies, and butterfly watchers of any level are encouraged to try. Monitoring routes can be in cities, in nature areas or parks, or even in local gardens and neighborhoods. The collected data will help advise butterfly conservation plans and will provide scientists with much-needed long-term data, but the activity is also fun and enriching for participants.